How can I be a high-performimg athlete AND a vegetarian?

Don’t eat meat?  Grains and beans contain protein, so you can fuel your body well by including plant protein at every meal and snack.  Peanut butter, chick peas, kidney beans, edamame, tofu, seitan, and quinoa are available at the dining hall, so it’s easy to include them.

Peanut butter on your bagel, hummus and edamame on your salads, milk as a beverage (we have soy, cow and rice), seitan in your stir fry, and quinoa any time (it’s really delicious!) are strategies to try.  If you are able to eat nuts, snack on them and some fresh fruit while studying, add them to granola and raisins for homemade trail mix.  (We do not serve any tree nuts at the dining hall due to student allergies).

And here’s a quick summary from the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group, of which I am a long-standing member.

Eating tips for vegetarian athletes

Questions?  E-mail me at to customize your high performance plant-based meal/snack plan.

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