Calories eaten and burned — a careful balancing act!

Weight loss advice is everywhere.  Eat low carb, eat more meat, eat no grains, don’t drink milk….the list goes on and on.  So to clear up the confusion, Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim collaborated on their book Why Calories Count.

But do the type of calories matter more than the amount?  Are carbohydrates more lipogenic than proteins or fats?   Is there a best weight loss eating plan?  According to these authors, creating an imbalance in the amount of calories we eat with the number of calories we burn is the bottom line.

If you feel very energized with certain food combinations,  you could end up creating such an imbalance because your fitness would be high-powered from the boost of  energy  from your meals and snacks.  Most high-fiber foods are more filling, so lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are likely to set you up for such a scenario.  Read more here about the book  Why Calories Count as well as more details about the conclusions drawn therein.

E-mail me at if you want to work on your own weight loss plan.

Eating well, loving your sport and getting (and staying) lean just about sums up what I love to teach.  It’s more fun than you think!

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