Cooking with Chef Palfrey

Last spring, when it was also asparagus season, our school garden had tiny asparagus sprouts with a very special destination.  Who would be grilling these nutritious tender and delicious spears?   Mr. Palfrey’s never-fail-to-please recipe was (and still is):

 “After washing them and snapping off the woody ends, he tosses with extra virgin olive oil, salt (kosher or sea salt) and pepper, then puts them right on a section of the grill reserved for vegetables, turns them frequently and turns them off after a couple of minutes. Delicious!”
Want to learn more about asparagus and its multiple health benefits?  Read on:
  • Like many vegetables, asparagus is a great source of fiber, vitamins (A, C, E and K), folate, as well as the mineral chromium, which enhances insulin’s ability to transport glucose from your blood into your cells.
  • Asparagus is a rich source of glutathione, which helps break down harmful compounds such as free radicals and possible carcinogens.  Avocado, kale and brussels sprouts are also rich sources of glutathione.
  • This amazing vegetable is loaded with anti-oxidants, which help neutralize cell damage from free radicals. A fountain of youth in a spear?
  • Its high amount of folate, which works in tandem with vitamin B12, may help fight cognitive decline.  So, a brain food, too.
  • Finally, it is loaded with of asparagine, an amino acid which acts as a natural diuretic, ridding your body of excess fluid and salt.
  • Grilling this awesome veggie preserves the nutrients in the asparagus, so the recipe above is not only scrumptious but fabulously good-for-you.

So your tee shirts already proudly state,” Palfrey Knows Best” (again)!

Try asparagus the next time we serve it at Paresky Commons, order it in your next restaurant vista, mention it to your friends and family to share your knowledge of this amazing vegetable, and, in the spring,  visit our school garden to see the little sprouts which took 3 years to mature!



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