What’s the deal with supplements?

Do I need them?  Which ones?  Will they help be stronger, faster, smarter, more energized?  Aren’t they a good insurance against disease and fatigue?

More often than not, the best source of the nutrients you need to be stronger, faster, smarter,and more energized is food.  Plus, it tastes great!

If your diet is deficient in one or more types of foods, due to food allergy or intolerance, for instance, then a specific supplement will correct the deficiency.  For the majority of us, though, the best approach is to learn to eat a wide variety of foods.  This adventurous baby crane and its mother are experimenting with some vegetation, and so can you!

At Paresky Commons, we always are adding new and different menu items.  Go out on a limb and try something new.  Let us know here about your new eating adventure.

 If you have specific diet needs, e-mail me at agiglio@andover.edu

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