Bike helmets–a fashion statement

It’s spring.  Bikes are everywhere, because it’s a fabulous way to stay fit as well as to locomote.  And such pleasant weather (most of the time)!   But some problems accompany this fabulous machine, and students at Harvard are working towards solving some of those problems.

Why would those great minds at Harvard spend precious time supporting bicyclists’ safety?  Speaking as a person who rides a bike daily, for the most part, I can easily see why: you, on a bike, are much more vulnerable than the cars/trucks/vehicles whooshing by you.  Plus, if you lose your balance and hit the pavement, your head needs a cushion to protect from the inevitable blow.  Even when wearing a helmet, your head aches if it hits the ground hard.

May is National Bicycle Safety Month.  Wearing a helmet is totally cool.  Your brain is a major feature of your uniqueness.  Give it a break when you bike or skate — wear a helmet proudly, as these awesome kids do:


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