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flickr-396284394-originalAm I talking about your prom date?  Or about you?

Actually, neither — I am describ-ing an unbeliev-ably delicious, fresh, home-made, and oh-so-good-for-you smoothie!  Here is a favorite recipe from Medical Director Dr.  Amy Patel’s collection:

1 Banana
1 Pear
About 1 cup berries (blueberries/strawberries/blackberries/raspberries)
About 2 cups Spinach
1 orange or tomato
3-4 stalks Celery
2-3 Carrots
1 beet
1/4 cup Ground flax seeds
1/4 cup Chia seeds
2 cups Milk
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
This recipe makes 60 oz, serves 2-3.
It’s no surprise that this smoothie is so healthy for you.    Most of the ingredients are cancer-fighting as well as heart-healthy.  By including the berries (anti-oxidants), flax and chia seeds (omega-3 fatty acids), orange, strawberries, spinach, (folate), and tomatoes (lycopene), you are mixing up powerful disease-fighting meal or snack in a glass.  If you use strawberries and raspberries, they contain a special phytochemical called ellagic acid, another cancer-fighting anti-oxidant.  Bananas add even more  potassium, fiber, vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B6.  An extra bonus: the high-in-fiber chia seeds absorb water when soaked, forming a gel which yields a thick, luscious drink, and contributes more of the health benefits of extra fiber (keep reading to learn more about fiber’s fabulousness).

The beautiful beets have not only fiber but also potassium and folate. Plus, researchers believe the red pigment in beets, betacyanin, could protect against development of cancerous cells and may play a role in reducing the inflammation associated with heart disease.  So I guess you can’t “beat” adding them!

And the carrot?   A great source of beta-carotene, yet another disease-fighting phytochemical. The celery and fresh pear, soluble fiber sources, slow down digestion, make you feel full, have a positive impact in insulin sensitivity and can help lower LDL cholesterol by interfering with cholesterol absorption.

Adding the calcium and protein-rich Greek yogurt and milk give the smoothie the all-important and coveted amino acid leucine, which enhances muscle recovery, especially after resistance training.

So if you are short on time but want to boost your energy, blenderize it and feel the power.

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