These tomatoes earned a “6”

Ever wonder why some tomatoes are average ho-hum  and totally forgettable,  and others are indescribably delicious?  I learned first-hand this week that the farmer’s ability and willingness to trial-run new growing options serendipitously yields a winner.

MariniTomatoesEarlier this week, local grower and farmer extraordinaire Mike Marini shared with me and Mr. Kip his greenhouse tomatoes’ “secret to success”: Mike uses heirloom tomato seed, rather than the beefsteak and other varieties he grows later in the season in the field.   “Our first attempts at greenhouse tomatoes were very average, but since we started using the heirloom varieties, we have fabulous tomatoes early as well as late in the growing season.”

Local farm stands and farmers’ markest are bountiful in New England summers.   Don’t miss the opportunity to frequent your local farmers’ markets and farm stands.

Here’s a great slideshow from Harvard’s farmers’ market earlier this season.   Enjoy!

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