Don’t JUST Eat….Eat Powerfully!

photoIf you find yourself needing an energy boost around noon, you’re in luck!  Visit the second floor Paresky Commons “Power Bar” at lunch on weekdays.

The menu options offered are loaded with performance-boosting nutrients; the dishes are specifically designed to provide long-lasting energy for endurance and stamina, enhance immunity, encourage repair and recovery after exertion, and support optimal cognitive (i.e. brain) function.   Monday through Friday at lunch, you can sample these great dishes.  The recipes were created by the Paresky Commons chefs, and each weekday upstairs in the salad bar area across from the “homestyle” section you will find a delightful array of  energy-boosting options.   Don’t be surprised if there’s a crowd surrounding this delicious and oh-so-good-for-you food.

Throughout the term, you will see deeply-colored fruits and vegetables, sensational whole grains so great-tasting you’ll be amazed, a huge variety of beans and legumes (wait until you try the lima bean hummus), lean fish, poultry and chicken, and health-supporting fats like avocado and olives.

Already tried the “Power Bar”?  Great!  Send an e-mail to to let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for more details about the specific nutrients in these foods, and how you can learn to always include power foods into your daily eating plan.

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