Raisin’ Hell with Raisins

8367661709_1de2a302f6_qRaisin’ Hell with Raisins


Looking for a no-cost sports gel alternative? Look no further than the salad bar for a handful of raisins.


Sports Dietetics – USA Research Digest, Winter 2013, says, of a research study on raisins: “The results of this study indicate that a whole food carbohydrate source (raisins) was associated with similar blood glucose responses and running performance [to that of] a carbohydrate sport food [i.e. gels and the like].”


Although this study was supported by the raisin growers of California, many athletes (and Mrs. Kip) have tried raisins when they might have used gels and found the article’s conclusions to be quite true. Want to add your name to the list?

Photo credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesbrobinson/8367661709/in/photolist-dKqsit-ckzSCd-bu3vcr-anwTdw-6xf2tp-7sKVpD-5ey1G8-fgy85h-4K6pB3-7hKQX4-hRYdUE-8jfjRG-ydZkJ-7Sv8Er-26popR-7YXnWn-bE3i31-k2niF4-7UeWCL-3SMLS-3SmDRu-7M9HvZ-5EtA7t-tBzRb-gAs36H-7K6okZ-6wLfQG-HC5va-8E4gYs-78CmW8-6ELf7q-7K9g9e-7YMMcD-7YQZVG-4nzqHn-c8xa8N-7K6obV-8sk2df-fqvbrM-8MziwA-74FTkn-swgep-8543CB-3YWL7M-7YXnHR-bcxMPV-fjLgFU-8B6VRn-gMy3fd-AZ28r

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