Why Carbs are your Best Friend

8684470001_16f53df740_qCarbohydrates…..aren’t they bad for us?  Fat-encouraging and useless?  Not healthy?

Consider this: athletes who eat too little carbohydrate feel needlessly fatigued due to glycogen depletion.  Afternoon sports are hard enough….why would you ever want to encourage a feeling of fatigue?  You wouldn’t, of course.

Want to read more?  Here’s recent article on carb-skimping athletes by renowned sports dietitian Nancy Clark:   NC%20CarbSkimpersMay14


Photo credits:https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamieanne/8684470001/in/photolist-eeqbnp-5hTMhm-8KDJyy-HJA4h-5SnJ8B-5vhXfi-abZDdH-iy8Zwz-k2qb7w-698Vo1-ecBUvW-dSVnGS-nLhJED-51q7Gg-8kSz8q-8kPo94-8kSzpo-8KwgrJ-4CcMcY-nB2DKh-erFtx-5PvQCz-6YAjY9-7AMjxP-344rfc-bVPRUC-dv2G7F-7RqjcP-8C4pGT-g3vZvM-zkbez-5LqnWy-5hPqHg-5WUhdA-5zMGSr-81QSsv-4vH5KT-hy69BJ-5tJ7wK-enm9Ro-5DnGQr-efG1KU-8RJ7HJ-6Qvfc9-isApNg-6y7JAb-BCw19-3cFygZ-7frDpj-hy74xx/

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