Fuel Blue!

P.A. Power Eating, “Fuel Blue”

Optimal energy in sports and academics is an Andover essential. To get and keep that competitive edge, you need high-octane foods.  How? It’s easy – look for the Team Gunga icons in Commons. P.A. Power Eating groups these “power” foods together so that you can easily choose nutrient-packed meals and snacks.

Let the Team Gunga icons in Paresky guide you to high-performance eating and drinking, where the nutrients work together to provide endurance (“Sustain”) and recovery (“Regain”), to boost immunity and healing (“Maintain”) and alertness on the field (& in the classroom) (“Pro-Brain”), as well as to prevent dehydration (“Anti-Drain”).

Look for the new expanded Power Bar on the first floor of Paresky Commons.


TeamGungaPic   http://youtu.be/LpWQ2zC_CuA

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