If “memorabilia” = memorable things, Nutribilia = things (best) able to nourish (you!)

Welcome to Nutribilia, Phillips Academy’s official nutrition blog, designed to educate and inform as well as serve as a forum for all nutrition-related topics, ranging from athletic dieting to FDA drugs to vegetarian recipes.

Aggie Giglio Kip, Andover’s resident nutritionist (MS RD CSSD), wants this blog to be a source for current, accurate, evidence-based nutrition information. Aggie is available for face-to-face non-elecdtronic nutrition counseling.  You can, however, use your computer or mobile devicer to make an appointment with her at agiglio@andover.edu.

If you like blogging, please use this site to discuss any nutrition thoughts, questions, suggestions you may have. You can post your ideas, or troll the site to find out about the most talked-about topics today. The more blog conversation the merrier, but please remember to keep discourse civil. The school reserves the right to moderate any comments or posts within Nutribilia.

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