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Why Squash is Mr. Palfrey’s Racket….

Why Squash is Mr. Palfrey’s Racket….

And it should be yours, too. Why?  Winter squash is a nutrient powerhouse, loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.  Plus, it tastes GREAT. Make Head of School Day 2016 your day to squash stress and fatigue. Thank you, Mr. Palfrey, for serving us a chance to for a stellar finish to this winter term!

Coming Soon!  New smoothie flavors!!

Coming Soon! New smoothie flavors!!

Welcome back!  If you are eager to start 2016 off with a healthy and fresh start, check out the morning smoothies in lower left Monday through Saturday.  During break we developed new, energizing and very delicious recipes which will be included soon in the Paresky morning smoothie cycle. As always, we look forward to hearing … Continue reading